Kennedy & Wilson Range

Kennedy & Wilson produces luxuriously rich milk, dark, white and exotically flavoured couverture, the very high-quality chocolate that contains at least 32% cocoa butter. Their couverture range includes a 48% cocoa solids milk chocolate, a 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate and an unsweetened 99% cocoa solids dark chocolate.
After perfecting their couverture range, Kennedy & Wilson added an exquisite and daring range of filled chocolates, many of which feature Yarra Valley ingredients. Delectable caramels, raspberry and chilli, toffee-roasted hazelnut, passionfruit, blackcurrant, pralines and truffles are just a few of the multitude of irresistible flavours available.
Kennedy & Wilson Easter Eggs are a mainstay of fine food purveyors’ Easter offerings Australia-wide. The divine, artfully created chocolate is boldy dressed up with gorgeous, unashamedly fun paper, foil and ribbon to make your Easter display pop and happy gifters beam.