Our Botanical Collection are all natural, gluten free – blended and manufactured with care to recipes that were formulated by our founder Leslie Simpkin in the 1920’s. The company was founded in 1921 by Albert Leslie Simpkin, on his return from World War One. His concept was to manufacture high quality glucose confections using, wherever possible, only natural flavours and colours. He proceeded to aim sales through the chemist/pharmacy shops and he got the idea of extending the range from bulk Barley Sugars in jars to powdered sweets in 8oz tins. The travel tin evolved due to it being the only container that was relatively airtight. Due to Simpkins Pharmacy distribution, the original tins of Simpkins sweets all contained Barley Sugar Drops (which are proven to alleviate the symptoms of Travel Sickness)...hence the term TRAVEL SWEETS...Simpkins are proud to be the ORIGINAL manufacturer of Travel Sweets.