"Canadian-style" panettone baked in Milan by Pasticceria Vergani, belonging to the "Gourmet" range. A naturally leavened panettone with sultanas and without candied orange peel meets the unmistakable flavour of pecan nuts and the sweetness of maple syrup. The top is covered in an almond-flavoured glaze enriched with Amaretto biscuit grains and pecans, for an extra pop of flavour. Artisanally baked using an old-time recipe, this one-of-a-kind panettone features high quality ingredients and represents an alternative version to classic panettone.

Pasticceria Vergani has been baking traditional-style Panettone for over 75 years. It is the only (and last) Milan-based company producing Panettone on a large scale in facilities located in Lombardy’s capital. The true secret to Vergani’s great Panettone is the sourdough starter, created by the founder many years ago, and refreshed three times a day as Milanese tradition dictates. The classic Milan’s Panettone takes three days to make.


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Product Name Vergani Panettone Gourmet - Maple Syrup and Pecan Nuts 750g (8)
GTIN Barcode 18002114017867
Brand Vergani - Christmas
Country of Origin Italy
Units per Carton 8
Unit Price ex GST $25.42
Shelf Life from Manufacture 12 months
Allergen Statement


May contain SOY and other NUTS.

COO Statement

Product of Italy.

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight 750 g

Carton & Pallet Dimensions (metres)

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Carton Dimensions (cm):

Carton Width: Carton Height: Carton Depth: Carton Gross Weight:


Pallet Specifications (m):

Cartons per Layer: Layers per Pallet:  Cartons per Pallet:

Nutritional Information Sheet:


Serving size :


Servings per pack:


per serve

per 100g


kJ (Cal)


Protein Total               



Fat Total



        - Saturated                                     






        - sugars         






Wheat flour - Raisins (13,5 %) - Cover (10,5 %) (Sugar - Egg white rehydrated - Almond flour - Rice flour - Sunflower oil - Natural flavour - Salt - Cocoa powder) - Butter (milk) - Barn egg yolk - Sugar - Sugar grain (6,5 %) - Maple syrup (3 %) - Pecan nuts (2,5 %) - Natural yeast (Wheat flour - Water) - Water - Emulsifier: Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids - Cocoa butter - Salt - Whole milk powder - Natural flavour. - Natural vanilla flavour

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