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Gourmet Brands was founded in 2004 with a vision of creating Australia’s Leading Speciality Food Company with strong brand ownership and being able to provide our customers with the finest gourmet products at an affordable price. We are proud to be one of Australia's most passionate and respected gourmet food companies.

At Gourmet Brands we pride ourselves on working with our customers to ensure their success through providing Innovative gourmet solutions tailored to their needs.

With specialised field retail consultants in each major city and an internal customer service team built around a market leading fully integrated sales, marketing, ordering and fulfillment system it allows our customers to transact with us in the most time efficient and convenient manner.

Our customer base consists of Australia’s leading major grocery stores, hamper companies, distributors, independent supermarkets, delis, fruit and vegetable specialists, department stores, gifting stores and gourmet retail outlets.

Gourmet Brands exports to major speciality food retailers throughout the USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

From our humble beginnings selling our products in Farmers Markets and Field Days throughout Australia our brands and products are now also available in Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills, Gelson's in Hollywood, Murray's Cheese in New York to Central Markets in San Antonio Texas.