Daylesford Condiment Company Range

Only an hour west from Melbourne, Daylesford is a peaceful and tranquil town surrounded by beautiful farmland and forest; a breathtaking place with rolling hills, mineral springs, stunning views, culture and beautiful architecture. A welcoming place to enjoy all four seasons in a year (sometimes in a day). 

Daylesford is a great place for a local business, it is a place full of energy and vitality, with lots of local growers and artisan food and wine producers and great restaurants. People come to the region for that very reason, to enjoy the great food and wine available as well as the indulgence of a spa and a massage. 

Locally owned, produced and Australian, Daylesford Condiment Company creates a selection of jams and condiments. We aim to stay true to the heritage of small preserve makers and at the same time stay ahead of the rest of the market.